Tuesday, February 15, 2011

FORGET about traffic... Google Sniper Review

In today's online marketing industry there are several so called "guru's" that have a secret formula or system that can generate instant cash or promise a profit. I have bought several of these products and I find myself just doing the same thing. I have tried several marketing techniques like facebook, twitter, linked-in and other traffic sources. The result I got were almost the same, yes I was able to drive lots of traffic to my sites but was not successful to convert them into sales. I was feeling a little hopeless at times, but I still decided to keep doing what I learned and learn some more things and see what mistakes did I take.

That's when I looked more closely into the keywords and the traffic sources. I see that maybe if I can change this I can make more sales. I also found that google still delivers the most number of quality traffic. So if I can find more people to get into my site through google, then maybe I can make more sales. But that's where the problem is, it is really hard to get into the top search result in google. I have to battle my way against millions of better and older sites. Softwares and other so called 'loopholes' to maim Google doesn't necessarily work since google has a way to detect it and using this technique can get your site in trouble. SEO costs too much and too complicated for some. Well it just comes down to finding a real way to get into that spot in google.

That's why I got interested in the concept of George Brown making these small one paged sites that can get you where you want in the google search result. He made it look so simple that anyone, even those new in online marketing can do. He guaranteed that this will not cost you any for PPC, PPV, Softwares or anything.. So if you want to try out and learn more about this concept. Just click this link here: Google Sniper 2.0 


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