Monday, July 25, 2011

No Hype Google Sniper Review with Actual Screenshots

     Hey everyone, it's Mark here. First of all I want to thank you for visiting my blog.

This post is a Google Sniper Review. You can visit the official site of Google Sniper by clicking here.

    At first I was skeptic about the whole internet marketing idea, thinking that it was just some form of a scam. I had some blogs and articles, but none of them made any money. So back then I decided to leave internet marketing and get a normal job. But then, every time I would go online on websites like Facebook, Youtube and Yahoo, I can’t deny the fact that the traces of internet marketing are all around so this year I went back again and give it another try.

     My idea was still to make money completely free without purchasing any “guru” guide or “one push button traffic softwares.” But I felt things were really slow and I’m still getting nowhere in this business. Not even one of the several sites I created made it to the 1st page of google. And I was getting frustrated again. That’s when I stopped to think and decided to purchase an info product or the “guru” guides. But I had a hard time choosing which guide to buy, so I just waited until a good product is made. The criteria I used in selecting which one to buy is of course, the creator should really know what he or she is talking about, the product has good reviews and of course the product that would work. So basing on these, I tried to avoid those “one push button softwares” that promises to drive instant traffic. I’m a strong believer of hardwork, and there is no magic pill or software for everything.

    So that’s when I saw george brown’s google sniper 2.0. It looks like a good product and pretty much convincing page. I didn’t scroll all the way down because I know what it would look like. Instead, I went over to some Internet Marketing forums and looked for reviews of buyers who bought it. And all posts pretty much gave george a positive review on his google sniper 2.0. So in other words I bought it. And I feel like it is just fair that I would give his product a review of what I think about it. 

You can click here to visit the Official site of Google Sniper 2.0

So here are the screen shots of the actual member page of Google Sniper 2.0
This is the actual members page of the Google Sniper 2.0, Here you can find the video introduction by no other than George Brown. 

 There will be a link where you can download the complete google sniper 2.0 manual. This is a 104 paged PDF file with all and everything you need to know about creating a sniper site. 

What I like about this manual is that it is divided in easy to follow chapters from finding the keyword up to keeping your site in the 1st page of google search results.

Then there will the 7 video modules that integrate with the written manual. In these videos, George will show you how the things written in the manual are done. It is divided in 7 videos, explaining how each step is done and all I have to do is just to simply follow what he does. You can also download the videos into your hard drive so you can watch it over and over again while you are doing your own sniper site.

The whole process is very plain and simple, not much technical stuffs, and will also not require for a large investments in different paid campaigns. Actually all I spent is just for the domain name and hosting and that's it. The rest are just some work on my end. The first time I followed his process, I went into the gaming niche, made a 3 paged site and got into the 1st page of google in just 2 days. I made it just last week, so I guess the sniper tactics were very much not affected by all the recent updates made by google like the "Panda update."  

And as you can see, I am using a blogger account still. Well the reason is, I want to see if the same tactics will work on free blogging accounts as well. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

FORGET about traffic... Google Sniper Review

In today's online marketing industry there are several so called "guru's" that have a secret formula or system that can generate instant cash or promise a profit. I have bought several of these products and I find myself just doing the same thing. I have tried several marketing techniques like facebook, twitter, linked-in and other traffic sources. The result I got were almost the same, yes I was able to drive lots of traffic to my sites but was not successful to convert them into sales. I was feeling a little hopeless at times, but I still decided to keep doing what I learned and learn some more things and see what mistakes did I take.

That's when I looked more closely into the keywords and the traffic sources. I see that maybe if I can change this I can make more sales. I also found that google still delivers the most number of quality traffic. So if I can find more people to get into my site through google, then maybe I can make more sales. But that's where the problem is, it is really hard to get into the top search result in google. I have to battle my way against millions of better and older sites. Softwares and other so called 'loopholes' to maim Google doesn't necessarily work since google has a way to detect it and using this technique can get your site in trouble. SEO costs too much and too complicated for some. Well it just comes down to finding a real way to get into that spot in google.

That's why I got interested in the concept of George Brown making these small one paged sites that can get you where you want in the google search result. He made it look so simple that anyone, even those new in online marketing can do. He guaranteed that this will not cost you any for PPC, PPV, Softwares or anything.. So if you want to try out and learn more about this concept. Just click this link here: Google Sniper 2.0