Sunday, December 12, 2010

Simple, Powerful Backlink Technique

This is a very powerful backlink method that you can easily do, even if you're just a starter or running your website for sometime now. Backlinks  are vital if you want search engines especially google to find your site and for your site to rank higher in search engines.

there are many ways to find backlinks, but this backlink method that I'm going to share with you is very powerful and can give your site some boosts since this links are considered "authority" links.

These are the .gov and .edu links. Yes, they are links that comes from government and other educational institutions. Now, before we move on, you might be thinking "why do I need links from the government, it's not relevant to my business or site". Yes, it is IRRELEVANT, but relevancy contrary to some ideas, doesn't really matter since links are "links" and search engines follow links. 
Ok so how do you find these valuable .gov and .edu links? Simple. Just go to in the search box type in: ..then in the search results, choose a forum thread and post a comment with your link embedded on the signature. 

Now you can change the .gov to .edu in the search box to find educational institutions and/or change country abbreviation to .uk,.au, or even to .vn for vietnam, just don't forget to translate the page so you can understand what is going on in the forum. 

Although this may be powerful technique, don't forget to do some other link building from other blogs and other sources. And lastly, don't ever spam the comments or the forum threads, it may cause you more damage than help you in the search engines. So that's it for our .gov and .edu link building strategy, i hope it helps. Please leave a comment and get my free "facebook formula" and get the latest post on my blog. Thank you.

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