Monday, November 29, 2010

Make money at home with Cash Gopher

CashGopher is a fairly new service that was launched last September. CashGopher is a website that lets users to "let your computer work for you" and earn money by installing their downloadable software. This software is very easy to use. Just Download the software and then just use your computer as you normally do and then see how your earnings grow by the minute.

It may sound too good to be true, right? Well, here's the catch.
While your computer is otherwise idle, CashGopher will at times perform various online "chores" and send the results of those chores back to the "Mother Gopher", if you will.
Companies are willing to pay us for the right to harness the vast computing power that CashGopher provides, and we, in turn, pay a portion of that money to each of you.
Are you starting to see how this could work?
Advertisers are willing to pay for the right to serve targeted advertisements to everybody who's running the CashGopher software. You see advertisements all the time while browsing the internet, right? Websites make billions of dollars a year serving you advertisements, and you get nothing in return. We figured you might want a piece of that pie. So we, in turn, pay a portion of our advertising revenues back to you.
All of your earnings are collected in your CashGopher account. In general, the more you leave your computer powered on and hooked up to the internet (the CashGopher needs to talk to the Mother Gopher, after all) and the more you use the internet yourself, the more money you will see accumulate in your CashGopher account. Simply login at with your email address and password that you chose upon installation to see your earnings.
Once you have accumulated at least $10 in your CashGopher account, you are eligible to receive your account balance paid out via Paypal.
It's that simple!
For more information just visit their website at

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