Monday, September 14, 2009

Google Adwords Guide: Keyword Tools

So you have a website or a product that you want to promote or sell. You have everything already setup. All you need now are the buyers. So for an online business, you need to drive traffic to your website, meaning people who will look at your site and hopefully buy your products. The more people who comes into your store, the more sales you can make.

How do you drive traffic to your site?

Well there are several ways and the most common is getting free traffic through search engines like google and yahoo. But this method will take you some time to accomplish since, you have to get to the page 1 of google and other search engines in order for your site to be noticed since there may be millions of competing sites in there.

Since time is money, we will need to find a way that will bring in traffic to your site, converts them into buyers and have the process done again and again, and to accomplish this goal in a short period of time.

As many of you have known, we can use PPC or the Pay Per Click advertising through google adwords. However, more than 90% of advertisers end up spending hundreds of dollars before they can even know how to properly use PPC advertising.

PPC works in a very simple way. Your ads will be displayed if a person is searching for something that is related to your ad. Then you will only be charged of a certain amount if that person clicks your ad. Then it will be your chance to make that visitor/person a customer, easy...

So to start with your PPC campaign you would need to
Know your market: Do keyword research.

*You may have to sign up or create an account in order for you to use some of these Free tools.

In Google:
Enter the product or topic (keyword) that you would want to sell or promote to see how times it was searched for this month and last month.
Check how much it would cost to use a certain keyword.

You can also use Yahoo Search Marketing Tool: 
You can then use the "keyword selector tool", just place the term that you want to look up, click Go and then it will show you a list and under the count column shows the number of searches it got.

You can also use the "View Bids tool", place the term that you want to look up, click search and it will show
you a list where the price/bid for a term is shown.

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Hopefully you guys learned something from this short article.

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